HolzfensterWooden windows – attractive and durable

Wooden windows impress with noble design and warm surfaces

New generation wooden windows are solid high-end products, built on a long-standing tradition, which are mainly used in upscale housing construction. Thus they create a special sense of well-being for the occupants by their natural look and warm wooden surfaces. This is true for new and old buildings as well as for heritage-protected ones, which should be provided with individually manufactured wooden windows as true to original as possible.

There are various reasons for wooden windows being that successful: Their frame structures look and feel natural and precious due to the unique wood grain. They are robust and offer excellent heat insulating properties.

Moreover there is their individuality: Wooden windows can be customized to perfectly match the architectural style of your house. This is why wooden windows especially show their strengths in terms of preservation of historical buildings.

In the past, windows used to be manufactured from wood. Single glazed pivot windows, divided by muntin bars, had been prevailing. To convincingly and realistically depict the look of those times, the use of wood in combination with modern low-e glass and other features such as sound insulation or burglar inhibition is indispensable.

Available variants:

Tresorband window H80    

Tresorband window H90