The original Tresorband is a specially designed linkage system to anchor the door sash to its frame. In contrast to conventionally used hinges, the Tresorband is not visible when the door is closed, is thus perfecting the elegant and select look of the BAYERWALD entry doors and is effecting additional burglary resistance. Cleaning the door becomes very easy due to the flat surfaces.

The mechanical resilience and usability, which were both certified by the ift (Institut für Fenstertechnik Rosenheim), are not negatively affecting functionality at all: Besides a comfortable mounting by simply inserting the wing into the socket of the frame, the Tresorband allows an effortless adjustment in three dimensions. The inbuilt opening angle limiter at about 90° redundantizes disturbing door stops.

BAYERWALD entry doors are standardly equipped with the patented Tresorband which is providing maximum security as well as a perfect match of consummate look and functionality.


Choose the original:

  • Exclusive look due to completely concealed hinges
  • Quick cleaning of flat surfaces
  • Enhanced security thanks to protection against prying
  • Exceeding loading capacity
  • Comfortable mounting and removal of the wing
  • Eased maintainance by three-dimensional adjustment units
  • Inbuilt opening angle limiter
  • WK2 certificated

Look out for the quality label „Original TRESORBAND“, marking our products since 2012.