„bw-tronic” automatic open-close system


„bw-tronic“ automatic open-close systemthe invisible butler.
opening automatically.
closing automatically.
and self-locking!

Both hands are fully packed -
who is not sometimes dreaming of getting the door opened by a butler?

With BAYERWALD's bw-tronic“ automatic open-close system all house owners can have that dream fulfilled now.


Automatic door drives used to be quite inconsiderable for private homes since they were perceived as visually annoying due to their heavy built and strikingly visible design. After two years of development in close cooperation with a automotive supplier, BAYERWALD is now able to offer a fully automatized, absolutely noiseless and invisible entry door drive, perfectly fitting into one- and two-family houses.


But „bw-tronic“ is not only standing out from conventional door drives when it comes to design and acoustic. Being coupled to the mechanically self-locking hardware it also scores in matters of burglar-resistance.

„bw-tronic“ is compatible with all usual access control systems such as remote control by radio hand sensor, transponder, Bluetooth, car-key, fingerprint reader, intercom, etc. There are various, easy-to-handle programming and setting options, meeting the customers' requirements in functionality and convenience - even concerning accessibility free of barriers.

completely invisible.

The noiseless drive - moving with low kinematic energy (max. 1,9 J) - is together with its control unit built in completely concealed within the door leaf and is therefore not affecting the elegant design and the longevity of a aluminum entry door. It has manifold options such as opening and closing, a variable duration of keeping open or reversing and can be fitted in every leaf-covering, inwards-opening aluminum door. The drive system is not visible from the outside so that entry doors equipped with „bw-tronic“ can not be visually distinguished from a normal entry door.


Of course every entry door with „bw-tronic“ can also be (un)locked manually with a key. Yet a prototype door, having been opened and closed several hundreds of thousand times by „bw-tronic“ in the test laboratory without any problems, already proved the system's sustainable reliability before the start of series production.