Wooden entry doors

gebürstete Holzhaustür, Modell 238

Get a piece of nature into your home with a wooden BAYERWALD door.

Wood as a material full of character makes every entry door unique by its distinctive vein and color. It appeals natural, robust and cozy at the same time and allows all imaginable constructions: Wooden doors can be individually manifactured to perfectly match the architectural style of your building.

Especially when it comes to preservation of historical buildings, the use of wood is invincible. With or without side panel, with circular or segmental arch, in innumerable standard dimensions or made-to-measure, in traditional or fashion-forward style - BAYERWALD's wooden entry doors will precisely meet your requirements.

On top of that there is excellent heat protection properties, burglary resistance and longevity due to the combination of the classical substance with modern materials and production technique.