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§ 27 Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE 218202631


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Copyrights and liability for links

We shall not be held liable for any form of damage or consequences resulting from the use of the contents displayed on this server. We accept no liability for the completeness or correctness for the displayed data. We also accept no guaranty for this data being free from rights of third parties. 

We have no influence on the contents whatsoever of external websites. Hyperlinks leading out of this website were set after having been reviewed. However websites are subject to modifications. If a external link is not working or not leading to the indicated target page, please let us know. We will willingly correct potentially errors. In case you should have reasons for complaints about any of the contents at one of the external linked pages, please contact the operator of this website.

The complete content provided on this website is governed by German copyright laws, especially images, photographs, logos, buttons and other design elements.


Data privacy statement

We take the protection of personal data very seriously and want you to feel secure during your visit of our website. We process personal data that are collected when you visit our website in accordance with the data protection regulations, especially the German data protection act (BDSG) and the German telemedia act (TMG).

Personal data collected within using our contact forms will be processed, saved and used by Bayerwald - Fenster Haustüren GmbH only for the purpose they were entered for. After having fullfilled this purpose, personal data will be deleted or blocked in accordance with the legal regulations. If necessary for dealing with your request, your personal data may be passed on to sales agents, associated with Bayerwald Fenster Haustüren GmbH, who have signed on compliance with data protection regulations as well as on strictly earmarked use of personal data.



1. Content

The author accepts no guarantee for currentness, correctness, completeness or quality of the content provided. Liability claims towards the author concerning material or non-material damage of any kind, having incurred as a consequence of using or not using the provided information respectively of using incorrect or incomplete information are fundamentally excluded as far as there is no either provably intentional or grossly negligent behaviour of the author at hand. The author expressly reserves the right to him-/herself to change, complement and temporarily or ultimately delete parts of the website or the complete content without special announcement.

2. References and links

We would only accept liability for direct or indirect links to external websites which do not lie within the author's responsibility, if the author was informed about the contents and if it had been technically possible and reasonable for him to prevent the use of illegitimate contents. The author declares, that, there was no illegal content on the linked external websites recognizable when setting the link. The author has no influence on the current and future configuaration, content, design or authorship of the linked website. Hence he/she is repudiating in strong terms from all content of any external website, having been changed after setting the link. This statement holds true for any links and references within this website, as well as for links and references having been set by third parties in guestbooks, discussion forums, lists of links and mailing list. Responsible and liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and especially for any damage resulting from using or not using the suchlike displayed information is solely the provider of the website the link is leading to, not the person who is but linking to the publication.

3. Copyrights

The author endeavors to consider copyrights of images, texts, audio and video sequences in all of his/her publications, to use images, texts, audio and video sequences created by her-/himself or to make use of licence-free images, texts, audio and video sequences. All trade and brand marks named on this website and possibly patented by third parties are fully governed by trademark law and right of ownership of the respectively registered owner. Just because of naming them, does not mean that brand marks are not proprietary by third parties rights. The copyright of published content, created by the author her-/himself remains absolutely at the website's author. Reproduction or usage of those images, texts, audio and video sequences within other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without the author's explicit permission.

4. Data protection

Where entering of personal or business data (e-mail-adresses, names, adresses) at this website is possible, providing this data is completely based on the users voluntariness. The use and payment of all provided services is - as far as technically possible and reasonable - also allowed without entering such data or with entering anonymized data or pseudonyms.

5. Advertising

If you give us personal data, we do not use them for promotional purposes on principle. We will only inform you about new offers if you exclusively agreed on the use of your adress fo promotional purposes. If you agreed on that and do not wish to get further information from us, you can withdraw your agreement at any time. If this is the case, please send us an e-mail at info@bayerwald-online.com. Your withdrawal will be immediatly noted in our database and we will not send any promotional information to you anymore.

6. Transmission of data

We will only use personal data for internal purposes in the course of customer relationship management. Data will not be handed on to third parties without your necessary agreement. In exceptional cases we could be forced to hand on personal data to governmental institutions because of legal regulations or judicial decisions. In these cases you can rely on us having verified the reliability of the transmission. 

7. Information on stored data

We'd be glad to inform you about stored personal data. Please send us an e-mail at info@bayerwald-online.com and you will immediatly get information about stored personal data concerning you.

8. Correction of data

If you notice that data about you which is stored in our database are not current anymore or any of the stored information is incorrect, please let us know and send an e-mail at info@bayerwald-online.com.

9. Suggestions for improvement, complaints

We do our best to improve our services in our customers' interest. If you have any improvement suggestions concerning data protection or if you want to raise a complaint, please contact our data protection supervisor. He will confidently deal with your requests and your suggestions. Feel free to contact him:

Frank Haug Zert. Datenschutzbeauftragter gem. §4 BDSG (TÜV)
Emanuel-Schikaneder-Str. 22
D-94315 Straubing
Tel.: +49 9421 1834-03
Fax: +49 9421 1834-26
E-Mail: kontakt@dsb-fh.de
Mo.-Fr. 08.00 - 18.00 Uhr

10. Legal validity of disclaimer

This disclaimer is a part of the website from which was referred to this site. If parts or particular phrases of this text is not, not any more or not completely corresponding the prevailing legal situation, will the rest of this document remain uneffected in its content and validity.


Origin of images

Images with the reference PIXELIO: www.pixelio.de


Technical implementation & realization

Auctores GmbH
Auctores GmbH
Amberger Straße 82
D-92318 Neumarkt

Tel.: +49 9181 5198-0
Fax: +49 9181 5198-200
E-Mail: info@auctores.de
Web: www.auctores.de




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