Wooden window with weatherproof shell

The look

It looks like a wooden window but you'll never have to repaint it*: Wooden window with weatherproof shell from BAYERWALD!

On the inside it presents the coziness of a conventional wooden window and on the outside the characteristics such as the visible rain protection rail remain. If you further choose one of the deceptively genuine looking natural coatings, the shell can barely be distinguished from a classical wooden window by its exterior view.

Holzfenster mit wetterfester Schale

Weather protection and maintenance

This special kind of wooden window will never need to be repainted*! It has an extremly resistant weather protection which lastingly protects against weather effects such as rain, wind and UV radiation in the sunlight. Even after years the surface will be as nice and weatherproof as it was on the first day. Where others polish, repaint and need new paint again and again, it only needs a clean cloth and some water to maintain the surface of the wooden window with weatherproof shell.

Set a colorful mark - create a cozy home

Wishes come true! BAYERWALD's wide range of colors with more than 1500 shades leaves nothing to be desired. You can configurate the weather protection in amazing nuances such as RAL-colors, structured surfaces or natural coatings. It is your choice!

Let the inner surface of the wooden window match your living room and enjoy the comfortable warmth of natural wood. Choose from spruce, meranti, oak and larch and emphasize your individual style or set colorful highlights in your home.

Save money the easy way

» How much would a window you'll never need to repaint be worth to you? «

BAYERWALD offers a well-engineered solution - already possible for a small extra charge compared to a traditional BAYERWALD wooden window.

Available variants: 

Tresorband window HW87   

Tresorband window HW97