PVC/aluminum Tresorband window

Look forward to the unique composition of robustness and style.

The BAYERWALD PVC/aluminum window gives you the creative freedom to make your building's exterior view inimitable. Due to the durability of the coated surface there is hardly any maintenance required and longevity is guaranteed.


Alu-Schale, Kunststofffenster, Farbbeispiele

With this window you can give free rein to your creativity: Combine colors after your fancy!

Best perspectives for all generations

To guarantee the consistent quality of the windows over several decades, BAYERWALD is exclusively using high-class materials.

The PVC/aluminum Tresorband window gets exceptional durability with the aid of a attached aluminum cladding. Therewith, even extreme weathers over many years won't do much harm to the visual appearance of the window.

Available variants:

Tresorband window BW87

Tresorband window BW98/87